Hotel Corvus

Spa trip in the Plain

Thermal spa and park pools, city swimming pool in Hódmezővásárhely

46 km far from Hotel Corvus Aqua there is a familiar spa in a nice park.
Services: massage, jacuzzi, tangentor, solarium, sauna, medical swim, doing exercises, aquafitness, spinning- more or less helped by workers of Erzsébet Hospital.

Spa works together with City Swimming pool, which is convenient place to national or international swimming competitions.

Algyő Borbála Spa

The youngest and of course one of the prettiest spa in Hungary, is in Algyő. As they called Borbála Fürdő. (46 km far from Hotel Corvus Aqua.) Adventures pool is opened every day, contains 12 elements. It was designed with ovals and due to steady deepening pool it is a great chance for the whole family to have fun together.

Makó Thermal and Medical Spa

In Makó spa has medical effects out and away, medical mud from the River Maros is the most significant element of this Spa. There are a lot of medical services that based on mud and medical thermal water. Although, youngest generation also enjoy adventure pools, children pool and swimming pools. Guests can relax in sauna cabins or do any sports. In the adventure department there are wave pools, twisting ’corridor’, mushroom, standing-lying and sitting water-massage, neck-shower, and a huge slide.

Gyomaendrőd Liget Thermal Water Park

In a nice nature, Gyomaendrőd, in Erzsébet park there is a just-now- renovated thermal water park- called Liget Fürdő. (53 km far from Hotel Corvus Aqua). Medical water from there is indicated for drinking cure, too. For swim-lovers there is an inside swimming pool, meanwhile adventure pool, thermal water pools, another swimming pool and also a children pool are settled for guests. Nevertheless, other wellness and medical therapies serve people; such as sauna, solarium, medical massage, tangentor, cosmetician, hairdresser.

Szeged Napfényfürdő Aquapolis

Szeged, Napfényfürdő Aquapolis (55 km from Hotel):
One of the longest slide in Europe, many adventure pool, wellness department with special elements of baby program and modern medical therapies.

Gyulai Várfürdő (Castle Spa)

In Gyula, at the park of late Castle Almássy situated one of the most popular Hungarian traditional spa with thermal medical water pools, adventure pools in summers and winters. All of the members of families can find the favourite pools or services. (Water paradise for children, slides, waves, 20metres and 50 metres swimming pools). For relaxing you should try Castello sauna park and wellness centre. (57 km far from Gyopárosfürdő.)

Mórahalom Erzsébet Gyógyfürdő (medical spa)

Great scales of medical and wellness treatments help people who want to relax and heal. (76 km from Gyopárosfürdő.) It is situated in a 1,5 acres area, nice place to recreate and having fun.

Tótkomlós Rózsa Spa

This is familiar, nice spa, not so far from Hotel (18km). As they called the most beautiful rose of south-Plain, that is a well-known spa since 1942.
25 metres swimming pool works the whole of the year, also sauna and thermal pool. That’s works as a special aroma cave, because essential oil is mixed to 36° Celcius water, in this way  these two effects are added together.

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