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Frequenter program- Hotel Corvus Aqua

Hotel is appreciate for trust of our frequenter guests.

The Hotel Corvus Aqua has opened in August 2007. We have a lot of recurrent guests, therefore we  launch our frequenter program. We would like to show kindness, who visit our hotel several times.
Below we give some information about our Frequenter Card Program’s condition, that contains the most important information of the card’s using.

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Regulation of Frequenter Card Program

We created the Frequenter Card Program for our kind guests, who regularly resort our hotel and our services. We exhaled three different cards, that qualify for discount. Type of the cards: Standard, Premium, Superior.

Standard Card Owner: who has minimum 300.000 HUF accomodation and total consumption* since the date of hotel opening.

Premium Card Owner: who has minimum 700 000 HUF accomodation and total consumption* since the date of hotel opening.

Superior Card Owner: who has minimum 1 000 000 HUF accomodation and total consumption* since the date of hotel opening.

Discounts associated with the cards:

  • Standard card: provide 10 % discount from price of our offers.
  • Premium card: provide 15 % discount from price of our offers.
  • Superior card: provide 20 % discount from price of our offers.

Using the discounts:

Discount is valid only offers reserved at Reception of Hotel Corvus Aqua, and it doesn’t concern for city tax, spa tickets or any other transmitted services.

The discounts can be used only owner of the cards and his relatives (not transferable), we provide discount only that room in which the owner stay.

It is not been able to combine with other discount.

Please, show off the cards at arrival and we will validate the appropriate discount.

Discounts are not valid in high season, this time we can provide 10% discount from the prices without reference to any card types.

Validity of the cards:

  • The Frequenter Cards are valid until cancellation.

When the guest reach the following classification, he will gets new cards (ex. Premium instead of Standard), at the same time we will cancel the old card.
When you book rooms or interest, mark us you have a frequenter card and you should show at the reception after check in.

* The amount of accomodation and total consumption contain only those items which you pay at the Hotel. We can’t count in frequenter program if you pay at any other partner, coupons or vouchers. In case of more rooms reservation we count in the total consumption for the payer person.

    Daily rates

    Daily rates

    Hotel Corvus Aqua's rack rate prices

    Valid: 07.01.2024 - 23.12.2024

    Number of nights (minimum): 1 night

    19 400 Ft

    from /person/night

    Vacation in Gyopáros

    Vacation in Gyopáros

    Spend your holiday with unlimited bathing!

    Valid: 30.06.2024 - 30.08.2024

    Number of nights (minimum): 2 nights

    27 990 Ft

    from /person/night

    Gyopáros relax days

    Gyopáros relax days

    Preferential offer for the perfect recreation (with Saturday night Spa)

    Valid: 30.08.2024 - 23.12.2024

    Number of nights (minimum): 2 nights

    22 990 Ft

    from /person/night