Hotel Corvus

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna of Hotel Corvus Aqua is also part of the complex relax and recreation. To use it just arrange at the reception.

Taking sauna regularly you can get rid of toxins due to sweating. You can speed up this process with drinking lot of water before and after sauna.

Because toxins leave from pores, it is customary to have a shower with cold or tepid water, then a few minutes relax. It is important to tranquillize the heart beat, so you can have a rest in the resting room. Sauna is mainly favourable for women, because it helps to lose weight faster or free from rolls of fat.

    Gyopáros relax days

    Gyopáros relax days

    Preferential offer for the perfect recreation (with Saturday night Spa)

    Valid: 27.11.2023 - 30.04.2024

    Number of nights (minimum): 2 nights

    18 990 Ft

    from /person/night