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  • 0000. 00. 00. 00:00 (Timisoara)
    We enjoyed our stay at your hotel. Nice service, nice rooms, very tasty food. We hope to see you again soon! Thank you for your hospitality!
  • 0000. 00. 00. 00:00
    Nice stay, nice people and staff. Thank you!
  • 0000. 00. 00. 00:00
    Thanks for nice service and beautiful environment. Keep going well.
  • 0000. 00. 00. 00:00
    We enjoyed all the time here. Thanks to you and the staff! Maybe see you again.
  • 0000. 00. 00. 00:00
    The massage was great!
  • Piero, Philippe, Jean Philippe
    0000. 00. 00. 00:00
    Eniko, Timea, Renata, Chrtistina, Edit, Tibor, Zsolt, Niki, Nandor and to all the staff of the hotel thank a lot for your kindness during these 4 month we spent in the Corvus Hotel.
  • 0000. 00. 00. 00:00
    The hotel is cozy and comfortable. The view is amazing. The staff are helpful and friendly. Greetings from Turkey
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