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Hotel Corvus Aqua - History of the Hotel

History of Gyopárosfürdő goes back to the late 1860s, but there are more information about the town a few years earlier. The place was founded in 1846 as they called Gyopárhalma. People used the Lake Gyopáros for practical things such as horse-bathing or retting hemp. Then they recognised the healing effect of the water.  

Dr. Elek László, who was a local doctor, started the building of the spa in 1869. Only a decade later the bath was created on the southern part of the lake and became a popular attraction visited by people arriving from distant places.

The water of the lake was permanently analysed, examined and its healing power was scientifically proved: it cured a lot of different diseases.

After years with ups and downs, pauses in the developments, tenant hunting and decline the first decade of the 20th century brought a significant breakthrough for Gyopárosfürdő: the management of the town realized again the opportunities hiding in the spa. On top of that starting from 1906 the new railway line connected Orosháza to Szentes touching the popular suburb. Later a regular train service was set. Although the development of the spa has always been continuous the period after the two World Wars brought years of recession.

The Water Tower which was built in 1925 by István Szél’s plans in those days supplied this area with water. It was renovated many times and nowadays is working as a museum, it is the symbol of Gyopárosfürdő.

In 1999 water of the Lake was declared to medicinal water then due to supports the Spa was opened in 2004. After the overall renovation rehabilitation services and relaxing opportunities extend in Adventures pools and Thermal park. Orosháza – Gyopárosfürdő has one of the best quality- alkali- hydrogen-carbonated medicinal water.

In the summer of 2007 the first lakeside hotel was opened in Gyopárosfürdő, the Hotel Corvus Aqua. Due to European Union supports the building was reconstructed from an unmarried officiers’ barracks to a hotel. This building gets a friendly atmosphere and its surroundings shines in natural light. Clear colours, warm wood and glistening glass give elegant attitude for the hotel. The comfortable, well-equipped rooms has fascinating view to the lake in every season. At the restaurant and terrace the lakeside atmosphere is also determining, according to our returning guests this place has magic, it is extremely peaceful and they feel there is no time.  

The hotel is connected with a heated corridor to the Thermal spa medicinal and wellness department.

By 2008 Gyopárosfürdő has got the award of Fourstars Adventures Spa, it’s the fourth occasion in Hungary, which is the highest award that can be prize to the Hungarian spas.

Recently this holiday resort has become one of the most popular destination among wellness fans.

In 2013 the Hotel Corvus Aqua won the Prize of the Friendliest Hotel among the hotels with less than 50 rooms.  

The Gyopáros Adventure Spa in 2014 celebrated 10th birthday and for this occasion the popular glass roof pool was renovated due to a large project.

In July 2016 a two years monitoring process ended which resulted in Gyopárosfürdő got the title of health resort as the 22nd in Hungary. The spa can thank this title not only the medicinal water but the nature as well, because there is a forest around the lake which makes for a lot for the fresh and clean air. Health resort title is not concerned only for the spa but the three-lake ecology and near by nature. During the qualification process the noise of area and accomodations were examined.

In 2017 the Hotel Corvus Aqua celebrated its 10th birthday and for this occasion the Lakeside terrace has got a new look. Now it is available to host more guests. Every guest got a birthday mini cake who stayed at the Hotel in 2017, so thus more than 8000 mini cakes were cooked. Thematic weekends waited guests all of the year and in September there was a real birthday party weekend. The Hotel’s staff celebrated together with guests, among others regular guests as well.

Gyopárosfürdő becomes one of the most popular destination for health, adventure bathing and also the wellness-fans.  

Do you wish a hotel where you can enjoy the sundown from the terrace, where you can forget all of your problems and back away from noisy cities, where people in different ages have fun together then you need Hotel Corvus Aqua. Tranquil nature and the special aura of the Lake Gyopáros and last but not least the services of Hotel will give unforgetable experiences for you!

    Gyopáros relax days

    Gyopáros relax days

    Preferential offer for the perfect recreation (with Saturday night Spa)

    Valid: 27.11.2023 - 30.04.2024

    Number of nights (minimum): 2 nights

    18 990 Ft

    from /person/night