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Castle trip

2 hours driving from capital 4 castles are situated near to Orosháza- Gyopárosfürdő. In Nagymágocs and Derekegyháza the Károlyi family had built two significant castles and it is worth visiting Wenckheim castle in Szabadkígyós, too.

Károlyi Castle in Nagymágocs

Nagymágocs is situated between Szentes and Orosháza next to Mágocs-brook. Due to favourable location there five different ways to reach the castle. In 1722 Károlyi family got manor in lordship of Hódmezővásárhely. At that time a model farm was created in Nagymágocs which was led by Júlia Szendrey’s father, Ignác Szendrey. Miklós Ybl designed and built this residence for Károlyi family’s order in eclectic and neobaroque style. Nowadays a rest home works in it.

Imre Károlyi, landowner, economist, manufactory onwer, pilot, senator and essayist, with his wife, Zsófia went only on holiday in their residence in Nagymágocs, that has 40 acres park with rare species of oaks and pines. It belongs to a 10 acres lake which enhances the tourism significance of the castle.

The castle worked as a holiday residence mainly but the heating was also possible. In bigger halls had underfloor heating and gas lamps made for light then steam-engine generated the current. 

In 1910 Károlyi family remade a big scale to a chapel on the first floor, which was a singular, uncommon done. The count married couple had a son who died at the age of 8 years and the chapel was his bier. Floor of the chapel made of black and white marble and the ceiling was decorated with stucco. Now there is a white marble altar with stairs and two crucifixes of black marble. There are also two structures, count Tibor Károly and countess Imréné Károlyi.

Next to the undamaged chapel there is a salon with its authentic finery, decorated by painted and goldened ornaments, beside the salon there is a dining room and a hall. According to many people this is the most beautiful places of the castle are the hall, winter garden, library room and the salon. It is important to know that only a few rooms are available for tourists. 

Many people think it is a mercy that a rest home works in the castle. During last 50 years ten or thirteen castles disappeared without any clues in Békés county because values, wood and bricks were taken by neighbourhood inhabitants. According to observations those castles remainend in good condition where museum, rest home, school or any other institute working.

The castle is able to visited from outside, to go inside it is possible to make an appointment:

  • +36 63 363 005
  • Address: 6622 Nagymágocs, Szentesi út

Castle fishing lake

In Nagymágocs the Károlyi Castle has also a 10 acres lake.

The lake is split up two parts: one of them is 3 acres area covered by reed, and the other is 7 acres fishing area. A levee divide this part to north-south 850 m length and 50-75 m wide, ending with a peninsula.
Depth of the water is 1-2,2m. You can fish on the side of a boat-house, on the other side is reedy.

Since 2011 fish are constantly populated. Fishes are found: carp, grass carp, common bream, crucian carp, northern pike, zander, catfish. The fish stock is based on mainly carps, that populated between 1,5kg-10kg. The record weight was 12 kg. You can fish up grass carp from 3kg to 20 kg. Only a few predator fish live in the lake.
There isn’t any specific prohibition, but it is obliged to take back to the lake carps above 3,5kg and grass carp above 5kg.

You can buy fishing tickets for a day, afternoon, night or a 24h types.
For night fishing it is important to agree by phone.
The fishing tickets are not authorized you to take away fish, but you can buy them as well.

The boat-house on the lakeside is the centre of the Castle lake (this is also a protected heritage). Here you can buy tickets, and there is a buffet, a hall tent, with restrooms.


  • +36 30 606 8590

Castle in Derekegyház

Károlyi family had also another castle 13 km from Szentes in Derekegyház. This baroque-zopf styled residence had been built a one-storied building in 1765. In 19th century this castle was the family’s favourite holiday place. However it had got a storey in 1869 then in 1932 a garrett was made also. After socialization the residence worked as a medical institute.

Károlyi family established a large manorial centre in Derekegyház due to castle and different farm buildings. Later, turn of the century, baron Weiss Manfréd family had owned, they had worked up an extremly modern water system that had been working till 1960s.


  • 6621 Derekegyház, Kossuth u. 1.

Szabadkígyós Wenckheim-castle

Beside the traditional aristocracy, at the end of 19th century noblemen appeared who got their ranks because of their financial solutions and establishing factories. For this class castles were solely holiday resorts, they rarely visited them, but they counted as very important power symbols. To prove this thing let’s see the big open fireplace made of marble which never heated.

Wenckheim castle and its park is a visitable and a nature reserve area since 1954. This is one of the most popular part of National Park of Körös-Maros.

Frigyes Wenckheim had not become a nobleman and castle owner because of his wartime merit. For his order Ybl designed the castle where we can find out special characteristics of Italian, South-German and French Renessaince style.

This castle is complete eclectic, the mixture of styles and according to art historans Wenckheim castle is a perfect example of that starting capitalism period based on feudal system. Interesting to visit Wenckheim charnel house desinged also by Miklós Ybl in 1850s. Greek cross ground has got lightning from across the roof. In side wings there are cascets.

During the visiting of castle we can get to know everything about how was Wenckheim family lived there. About their ways of life and the historical significant of family. Guideing is available every day after phone conversation.
There is a great park with huge trees, in front of the castle there is a french garden with a fountain that’s an impressive view of tha castle. There is a path towards the lake with a bridge and a little isle.

Official opening hours of the Wenckheim-castle park:

  • Every day till sundown is free, observing the rules of natural park. Visitors are asked to watch over and keep clean the castle park.

Official opening hours of the Wenckheim-castle:

  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 16pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 15pm
  • Please make an appointment: Lánczi Ildikó: +36 20 770 00 24 or Nyemcsok Pál: +36 70 334 16 26


  • 5712 Szabadkígyós, Áchim utca


Count Alajos Károlyi’s daughter Ferdinanda (countess Lipótné Brechtold) between 1897-1898 had built a classical- eclectical castle in Árpádhalom village. The castle, where 22 rooms, bathrooms and other building, had ridden out World Wars wothout any damages. It had secularized in 1947. At first it seemed to be an orhanage but later an elementary school had started working. Nowadays a school, a library and a community centre exist in the castle.

Near the castle there is a catholic church that built in 1920-21 and it has builts with a singular way with Fachwerk technology (wood frame). This church was ordered bay countess Lipótné Berchtold at the same time the designer is unknown. Dr. Árpád István Hananuer dicesan from Vác sanctified the Hungarian traditional secession styled church in 1921. 


  • 6623 Árpádhalom, Árpád u. 2.


In 1940s we could find four castles in Csorvás.
The Harruckern family died out at the end of 1700s, the „Csorvás-puszta” (as they called) was inherited the Wenckheim family. This area was a pasture-land. 

Among 4 castles only the Rudolf-major Wenckheim castle is open, which was renovated in 2010.
Between 1925-28 Count Wenckheim Rudolf built as a hunting-castle, then Matild Weckheim moved there. The Countess lived in this two-storey ashlaring roof building till 1945. Since then it had more function.

Nowadays it is the centre and the office of local farmers cooperative. Walls of the one-storey building are extremely thick like a wall of a fortress. The original main entrance gate with two column is exist today. After the war more than 100 pines were cut down on the 3 km length road towards the castle. Now the park is ’only’ 3,7 acres, but the rest trees there shows how rich was this castle.


  • 5920 Csorvás, Rudolf major
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