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Békés county and of course Orosháza offer plenty of fishing possibilities, ideal place for fans of fishing. Apart from the amasing Körös river, numerous fishing lakes are waiting for visitors during the summer months.

In Orosháza we suggest the following lakes:

A. Gyopárosi Déli  (South Lake of Gyopáros)

Everyday and holidays you can fish from sunrise to sundown. For angling please buy daily tickets.

B. Béke tó / Homokbánya (Sand-pit Lake)

This is a well known and popular lake for the anglers from Orosháza and any other places. The local Kinizsi Angling Club takes care about the lake and surroundings, in the lakeside you can find a fish keeper’s house where you are informed about local fishing rules, fisk keeper’s phone number and more useful information. Occurrent species: carp, pike, bream, catfish, perch and so on. (Orosháza, Szentesi Road).

C. Téglagyári Lakes (Brickyard lakes)

Three different possibilities are ready for anglers: daily tickets at the local buffet. It is a lake with bigger fishes and sporting angler facilities. At the buffet you can buy cold drink and fishing outfits. For children there is a playground and it has a place for open cooking. (Orosháza, Gyopárosi ugarok 6).

D. Új homokbánya (New sand-pit)

This lake is available to fish for huge fishes, so extrem anglers only. At the weekend you can go camping there and use the built fishing places. It is worth wachting the video of the operator. (Orosháza, Szentesi Road).

Otherwise, in the city it possible to get easily everything you need at the local fishing shops. 

Daily tickets are obtainable at the following shops:

Blinker Horgászbolt (Blinker Fishing shop)

  • 5900 Orosháza, Bercsényi u. 7.
  • Opening hours: Monday- Friday from 8am to 6pm, Saturday from 8 to 12.
  • Phone: +36 (30) 525-7220

Kedvenc Horgászbolt (Kedvenc Fishing shop)

  • 5900 Orosháza, Kossuth utca 25.
  • Opening hours: Monday- Friday 8am-6pm, Saturday from 8am to 1pm
  • Phone: +36 (30) 487-4-34

Kinizsi Angling Club Orosháza website
Körösvidéki Angling Association of Clubs website

    Gyopáros relax days

    Gyopáros relax days

    Preferential offer for the perfect recreation (with Saturday night Spa)

    Valid: 27.11.2023 - 30.04.2024

    Number of nights (minimum): 2 nights

    18 990 Ft

    from /person/night